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What is cryptocurrency?

Choose an application that works perfectly on every device. SimpleFX is the fastest, most intuitive trading tool available. It’s easy to pick up and at the same time offers all the sophisticated automatic trading solutions you can use with a super safe and simple API manager. With SimpleFX WebTrader you get fast & secure transfers, no minimum deposits.

Trading Crypto with SimpleFX

Cryptocurrency Wallets

These are public and private keys used to store and spend cryptocurrency. It allows you to write in the public blockchain ledger and perform transactions. SimpleFX can communicate directly with your crypto wallet.

Distributed Ledger

Cryptocurrency uses distributed ledger in form of blockchain system. It can be either public or private. The technology is revolutionary because thanks to a peer-to-peer network that requires consensus algorithms the system is practically incorruptible.

No Transaction Fees

Crypto transaction fees are substantially lower than bank transfers. Transaction expenses for cryptocurrency depend on the supply of network capacity and the demand from the currency holder. Crypto deposits and withdrawals in SimpleFX are free of charge and are processed within a few minutes.

Multicurrency Accounts

Trade cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. Choose the deposit method you like and never miss an opportunity to make money.

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